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Tiny Costa Rican ants


WOW! The TINY Costa Rican ants had moved in to my macbook and were spreading all over the table from it and this completely freed the computer and table from the ants in such a nice thoughtful way that didnt even hurt the ants.

Costa Rican ants

laptop ant comments illustrated


A while back I wrote an article for Hubpages. It’s a site that makes it easy to stick up articles on any old thing. My thing was how to remove ants from your laptop.

For some reason, little known to science, ants love to move into electronic things. Chief amongst their favourite new home is your laptop. This is especially true in hot countries where ants seem to outnumber everything by about 1000/1.

My article got a few comments, then a few more. I replied, explaining stuff, thanking people. The comments kept coming (they still are, 210 and counting). Some of them are great. I decided to set up a new site and illustrate some of the top Lap Top Ant Comments. You can see them below.

You should read the instructions if you have the time, it’s an unusual solution (and pretty straightforward). It will also make the comments make more sense.

I’m adding more as I draw them. If you want to leave a comment (you might be next!) or see the original article, it’s here:

Getting rid of laptop ants 

And here’s what I wrote:

A laptop ants solution

Have you got laptop ants? Here’s a simple, bait free solution. Do this and the ants will simply leave by themselves. I’ve had the same problem and this fixed it.

Ants in a laptop can be scary. What are they eating? Microchips? Don’t panic, just follow these steps and the laptop ants will be gone by morning.

What you’ll need to remove laptop ants.

Step 1.

•You’ll need a tray which can hold water. You’ll need something stable which can sit in the water. If you use a bowl it needs to be heavy or it will float.
•You’ll need a stick or wooden cooking spoon or something about that length which will not slip if you lean it.
•You’ll need a laptop infested with ants. This solution is for serious laptop ants. If you’ve only got one or two, just brush them off.
Assembling your laptop ants solution.

•Now fill the tray with water. It doesn’t need to be full. Just enough to cover the bottom. Put it somewhere where it will not be disturbed.
•Place your stand in the center of the tray.
•Making sure the laptop is off and unplugged, place it carefully on the stand. Be sure that nothing but the stand underneath is touching the laptop.
•Lean the spoon or stick so that it touches the laptop and the surface that the tray is sitting on.
•Leave the set-up overnight.
Why it works.

Why would the laptop ants leave via your spoon bridge?

Ants have powerful survival instincts. Either the ants are in the laptop eating food you’ve dropped there or they’ve moved in. In either case they scout the area at all times. Once they realize the chemical trail which got them there (following other ants) no longer leads home they’ll look for an alternative. The spoon will eventually be found and they will eventually all follow it. One trail over water is not acceptable and they will not use it to return.

I grew up in India and my father told me (panicky as I was – I had work to do) of this solution. I didn’t believe it would work but it was risk free so I did it. The next morning all the ants were gone.

If you’ve got laptop ants to get rid of, try it. It works.

If you’ve tried this solution, you are an entomologist in outrage or have any comments or questions, please leave one (here). If you’ve got a friend with ants everywhere and a laptop tell them about this laptop ants solution!